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12. April 2011

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Hund & Horn

APNOE, 2010/2011

Video projection, HDV 10´Loop, Ton

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date: 12.04.2011 - 17.04.2011

A project of Crossing Europe and OK Offenes Kulturhaus

On the surface, APNOE describes a day in the life of a family. Yet the protagonists have considerable difficulty in coping with their everyday life. Their actions do not appear to be purposeful, seem absurd. In addition, everything happens at a (nightmarishly) dream-like slow speed. The reason for this becomes apparent to the viewer after a brief period. APNOE is the third part of a “gravity trilogy”, which continues the films “Tomato Heads” and “Dropping Furniture”. In their films, Hund & Horn enjoy taking spatial conditions and the notion of normality ironically to the point of absurdity.

Harald Hund (*1967 in Grieskirchen, lives in Vienna & Grieskirchen) and Paul Horn (*1966 in Amstetten, lives in Vienna); have been working together for several years in the field of video and film.


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Hund & Horn, 2010/2011
Hund & Horn, 2010/2011
Hund & Horn, 2010/2011
Hund & Horn, 2010/2011
Hund & Horn, 2010/2011
Hund & Horn, 2010/2011