HÖHENRAUSCH 2018: Eröffnung

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23. May 2018



  • Maria Falkinger
    Marketing / Presse
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The Other Shore
24 May – 14 October 2018     

OK/OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz /AT                                    

Opening: 23 May 2018, 7:30 p.m.


Curators: Elisabeth Schweeger, Genoveva Rückert, Martin Sturm

Ever since its introduction for Linz 2009, European Capital of Culture, HÖHENRAUSCH has earned a reputation as one of Austria’s most striking and successful exhibition formats for contemporary art. Its trademark is an extraordinary art circuit that takes visitors from classical art spaces through historic attics and over walkways and bridges leading across the rooftops of Austria’s capital. The “high point” is a parking deck from the 1960s atop which a 30-meter-high observation tower has been built – a tower that has been transformed this year by the Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev into a mast for a “flying ship.”

HÖHENRAUSCH: The Other Shore is the name of the latest show, which opens on May 23rd. From then until October 14th, visitors can discover more than 40 international artworks that deal with the theme of water – as a place of failure, departure, exchange, overcoming, and utopia.

Linz is located at the headwaters of the Danube River, which for centuries has represented not only a natural border but also a cultural and political fault line – we need only think of the Limes and the zone boundary after the Second World War. At the same time, the (navigable) Danube has always been a connecting element for a wide range of peoples, natural settings, and cultures – a tension-fraught arc that with today’s migratory flows and exclusionary trends is as topical as ever. The exhibition brings together prominent international artists and regional, process-dependent projects that show how tricky crossing the watery boundary can be but also to what extent this spirit of departure is associated with expanding one’s horizons.

Alongside Ponomarev’s ship, suspended in the sky like a three-dimensional drawing, a number of international commissioned artworks as well as newly adapted pieces will be on view. The Franco-Portuguese architect and artist Didier Faustino addresses the ambivalence between demarcation and freedom with a wave made of barricades. A recently opened historic church attic from the 18th century hosts an imposing audio installation with sound recordings from the Danube made by the German artist Tamara Grcic. The Cuban artist KCHO occupies the roof of a shopping center with an archetypal figure made of flotsam and jetsam, a thinker pondering the destructive power of water. On the top deck of the parking garage, Benjamin Bergmann from Germany has set up a fountain he dubs “Fontana,” an abstraction of household piping systems translated to the public space as a place to frolic and play. The Japanese-German artist Chiharu Shiota has filled the great hall of the OK with a dense web of red yarn accompanied by boat sculptures, transforming it into a walkable poetic image.

Cooperation with regional artists and partners has resulted in exciting projects such as a container port built from shipping containers by Andreas Strauss on the parking deck, which also provides a setting for a lounge zone with refreshments and art education offerings. In audio booths there, installed by the ORF musikprotokoll, visitors can listen to pieces by renowned sound artists.
Leo Schatzl is presenting his longstanding project “Floating Village,” developed with numerous partners from the independent art scene as well as art students. Höhenrausch is not only hosting a recent extension to the project; the students will actually move into the open structure, living and working below and also atop a terrace on a kind of island.


ARTISTS: Nelo Akamatsu (JP), Anton Ovidiu (RO/AT), Michael Aschauer (AT), Benjamin Bergmann (DE), Marie Cool (FR) & Fabio Balducci (IT), Joachim Eckl (AT), Jeannette Ehlers (DK), Didier Fiúza Faustino (PT/FR), Mehdi Ghadyanloo (IR), Tamara Grcic (DE), Heatherwick Studio (UK), Isaac Julien (UK), Ilya & Emilia Kabakov (RS/US), KCHO (CU), Nesrine Khodr (LB), Eva Koch (DK), Mischa Kuball (DE), Antti Laitinen (FI), Joong-Keun Lee (KR), Lukas Marxt (AT/DE), Mary Mattingly (US), Jasmin Mersmann (DE), Mohau Modisakeng (ZA), Tracey Moffatt (AU), Georg Nussbaumer (AT), Alexander Ponomarev (UA/RS), Khalil Rabah (PS), Hans Schabus (AT), Leo Schatzl (AT), Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber (AT), Chiharu Shiota (JP/DE), Roman Signer (CH), Simon Starling (UK), Andreas Strauss (AT), SWOON (US), THE PLAY (JP), Guido van der Werve (NL, DE), Zentrum für Politische Schönheit (DE), ORF musikprotokoll


The exhibitions are part of DonauArt – a cultural project in which various institutions and artists engage with the Danube River basin and the theme of water.


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