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29. November 2019

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  • Maria Falkinger
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SPIELWERK at the OÖ Kulturquartier

30 November 2019 to 28 March 2020
Thu–Sun 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

curator: Katharina Lackner
creativteam: Manuela Gruber, Michael Weingärtner

Program for children ages 1-12

Perceptual training, spatial investigation using light, color, shadows, and images – these are the tools in the creative workshop. The participants use them to create their own exciting scenarios, transforming the room and the glass facade into an aquarium, an ice cave, or a book of fairy tales ... Downstairs is the “darkroom,” an exhibition of marvels that hone viewers’ perceptual capabilities. The artworks captivate us with a world where fairy tales merge, shadow figures create illusions, and seemingly enchanted objects are always in motion even though they are standing still. It’s all about the magic of light. The Gaudimax is also open to visitors, offering them a topsy-turvy environment that they can explore at will.


Artists and Work

Sam Bunn

Videos, Mixed Media

Sam Bunn tested the Gaudimax in advance: in his site-specific videos and objects, he explores all that the space and ball can do. His interventions can be found in the Guckindieluftturm tower. He manipulates what is familiar to us and in his hidden film shows us things behaving in curious ways.

Sam Bunn*1978, lives and works in Linz (AT)


Henrik Schrat

Ali Baba and the Seven Dwarfs, 2012/2019
wood, paint, strings, flashlights

Henrik Schrat is an artist who has been interested in fairy tales for many years, and he loves to tinker with balancing things and setting them into motion. In his mobile Ali Baba and the Seven Dwarfs, he combines the tales of the Arabian Nights with the fairy tales told by the Brothers Grimm. Trees dance on long legs through the darkness together with children and their flashlights.

*1968, lives and works in Berlin (DE)


Lizete Upīte

Nakts Pastaigas / Night Walks, 2018
animated film, 5'50' , color, sound, subtitles

Lizete Upīte’s animated film Night Walks is about a father goes on walks in the woods with his daughter at nighttime. Together they discover how scary and exciting such an excursion at night can be. Do we need light to see things better in the dark? Or can we really only see the fantastic starry sky when all the lights are out?!

*1987, lives and works in Latvia


Manon Labrecque

apprentissage 2015 / 2019
video installation
HD video, b/w, 5´56´´,silent
wall drawing

The video apprentissage shows Manon herself learning to become her own shadow. But the shadow seems to have a mind of its own and doesn’t always do what she wants it to. Manon was just standing there a moment ago and now she’s lying on the floor. But something is still standing: Is it her, or her shadow? Who is who?
Can you become someone else’s shadow? The shadow of your mom or grandpa? What does it feel like to be a shadow?

*1965, lives and works in Montreal (CA)


Tobias Dostal

Manathands, 2017
85 x 55 x 55 cm
acrylic, metal, motor, headlights, electronics

Tobias Dostal makes us wonder whether things are there even though we don’t see them. In his artworks, which he also calls “illusion devices,” you can see people doing various things. The artist is a real pro with light. You might even say he’s a picture wizard! He knows how to find exactly the right light to make his figures visible and set them in motion. Magical!

*1982, lives and works in Berlin (DE)


Adriane Wachholz

vertigo vortex, 2019
video installation
fabric, print, projectors, beanbag chairs
commissioned by:  OÖ Kulturquartier

Adriane Wachholz created a work, which is called vertigo vortex. It invites us to lie down as if we were looking up into the starry sky and to explore this jellyfish galaxy. Under this cave-like umbrella with tentacles hanging down, we recognize our own cosmos and gradually see new things projected into the dome. It’s a little like being inside a fortune-teller’s crystal ball.

* 1979, lives and works in Berlin and the Ruhr Valley (DE)


Workshops for groups of children available by prior registration.
Enable JavaScript to view protected content. , phone: 0732.784178
5,– Euro per person


Opening hours:
Thursday–Sunday: 9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. 

Christmas holidays:
24.– 26.12.19 and 31.12.– 01.01.20 closed
27.– 30.12.19 and 02.– 06.01.20 open

Vacation Upper Austria:
17.– 23.02.20 open daily

Entrance fees:

 2,50 Euro per person
 2,– Euro with OÖ Familycard
Seasonal Ticket 20,– Euro (with OÖ Familycard 17,50 Euro)

presscontact: Maria Falkinger, +43.732.784178-52540, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.


Fotos: Mathias Lauringer